Friday, July 06, 2012

Day 20 - Freeport and Cape Elizabeth, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts

We started our day at L. L. Bean today and we walked into their 100th year anniversary celebration! We got there early enough that we found parking easily and were some of the first to stop at the kids booths. They had a bunch of stations set up for the kids to do. They played a game that had to do with Leave No Trace. Then they climbed to rock wall, the jumpy thing broke as Ben started his turn, so we took that as a sign to move on. We wandered the stores (boy are there a lot of L.L.Bean stores!) and tried the roadside hotdog cart for lunch. We also met an Olympic Gold Medal winner in snowboarding! They had a lot of activities going on and they weren't just for today! This celebration spans 3 days! Tomorrow there is a fireworks show and free concert with Chris Isaac and some other people, the fireworks show is supposed to be the biggest the state of Maine has ever had! If we were going to be there tomorrow night we might have made an appearance but we are heading out of town. So have fun Maine!

We decided to see a lighthouse before we left the east coast. We turned in to Portsmouth and found Cape Elizabeth's Two Lights. We could see one lighthouse from the trail and the tip of another one. We couldn't actually go into it but that was good enough for us! We had to get back on the road. We walked on the coast and touched the Atlantic Ocean!

The rocks along the water were so incredible, they looked like fossilized trees all fallen over, chipping and spread out. The kids liked rock hopping and exploring the tidepools, we found some snails, seaweed and a crab carcass. Hannah decided that she wanted to keep the crab carcass, so it's traveling home with us.

We are heading towards Niagara Falls and Canada tomorrow!

Giant L.L.Bean book truck
Noah in a fish bubble!

Noah climbing the rock wall!
 Corey climbed up!
 Ben ringing the bell (with yellow shirt on)
 Hannah makes it!
 Rebekah exploring the tidepools on the Atlantic Ocean!
 Hannah and Rebekah with the lighthouse behind

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