Monday, July 09, 2012

Day 23 - Canada, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois

We hit the road today, trying to cover a lot of ground for the next couple of days so that we can get to Yellowstone by the weekend. Long drive days means lots of little stops to stretch legs and bathroom breaks. We have found that we can make a quick stop here and there but the kids need to run.

The kids continue to busy themselves with videos and video games and the occasional book. They love a new ap that I got for the iPad called Physics. It's all about creating a monster and a machine that works, very cool indeed! They can't seem to out it down and they all want to play it, too bad we don't have another iPad! We wouldn't have as much arguing about it. But they are doing a fine job of sharing.

We stopped for dinner at a place called Steak 'n Shake and it was a cute little diner and we have seen them everywhere lately. They gave the kids a nice packet of stuff to do. There was a little car to put together with a diner hat with crayons and some other little things. That kept them busy for a bit while we waited for our food to come. Rebekah got the sliders (that they called shooters) and they were the perfect size for her!

Beautiful flower on a vine I found at a rest stop
Lake Huron
 Noah with hat from Steak 'n Shake
 Beautiful Illinois sky

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