Thursday, July 05, 2012

Day 19 - Leaving Unity, ME

This morning we packed up, said our (teary and emotional) goodbyes to my cousin Angie and headed to Acadia National Park so our kids can finish the Junior Ranger program. They learned about identifying leaves and different types of trees in the park and about bats today. After their swearing in (the official ceremony), we left Acadia and started our trek southwest heading home. It will take us a few weeks to get home there are lots of stops ahead of us but we aren't in as big of a hurry as we were on our way here. So that means that we can stop and look around a bit!

Noah heard Corey and I talking about how we can't get used to everyone smoking cigarettes here (and all outside the state of California). It really is hard to get used to, I won't take advantage of cigarette smokeless air again! Anyway Noah said, in his husky voice, "when I grow up I'm not going to smoke...(he paused) but I am going to litter." Then he giggled and we laughed. What a joker! We cracked up, all the Junior Ranger badges emphasize Leave No Trace so I'm sure that was on his mind.

We stopped for the night in Freeport, Maine in hopes that we will go to the L.L.Bean stores tomorrow. We are venturing our way down the coast before we head inland towards Niagara Falls and Canada.

Working on the Junior Ranger badge, learning about bats!
Taking their vow, being sworn in
The Ranger announced their accomplishment to everyone in the room!

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