Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Day 18 - Waterville and Unity - July 4th

We can't do a 4th of July without a parade, so we went to a nearby town named Waterville to watch the local parade! What a trip! It was similar to our usual parade (Coronados parade) with the Al Bahr in mini cars and tasseled hats but it was different because there was a small-town feel with the locals as well as the floats. The tractors pulling trailers full of water and sodas to buy were fun to watch and the man selling cotton candy out of black trash bags was interesting. We love to people watch and there were some interesting people to see too!

In the afternoon, we headed over to Angie and Ralph's house for a lobster feast! Holy cow what a feast and what a party! You can't beat a 4th at the Nasons! They know how to do it right! There was freedom for the kids, they played and explored all night. There was food on the table and lobsters in the pot! It was awesome. Cousin Joe gave a quick demo on how to shell a lobster and we all went right to work, and they were delicious! We even had some to take home, yum!

After dark the kids discovered the fireflies flying around, they caught a few and put them in jars. We topped the evening off with boxes of sparklers and loads of fireworks in the backyard! Our own private show, how cool!! I really don't know if we can top it next year...or even come close to it! We may have to come back!! Thanks a bunch Nasons, for showing us how to party it up Maine-style! We had a blast and we made memories on this trip!

We love Maine, however the state bird, the Mosquito, is not a plus. We are sad to leave but our journey must continue on tomorrow. We are heading out of Maine with a few stops on our way out. Our goal is "get close to Boston" so we'll see if we can do it and how close we get!
Happy 4th!
 Waiting for the parade to start
 Men with axes
Angie and Ralphs house in the woods 
 Lobster before it hit the pot!
The family on the deck, what a crew! 
 The Ladies
 Sparkling wands!
 Rebekah tries a sparkler
 We had fireworks!!
 Sparklers in the dark

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Your chickens are happy you are starting back because they don't like me.