Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 24 - Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota!

Last night we crossed a time zone so, while it seemed like we got an early start this morning, we really didn't. But that is OK because we had a lot of driving and it was mostly straight.

We drove through a bunch of farm country today with acres of corn and what looked like beans everywhere! We might have seen 3 dozen cows grazing too, but really not that much livestock at all. Every once in a while we'll spot a farmhouse surrounded with corn or beans and they have their own small veggie garden beds.

We crossed the Mississippi River today! This time we crossed it in the middle of the day so Hannah and I got out of the car to check it out close up. Then as we were getting back into the car, Rebekah wanted to go and check out 'the Mississippi River' (she said it perfectly!). So we got out and walked down a little dock to check out the river too.

We made it to Minnesota tonight and we are tired. Long drive days do that to us. See you tomorrow!

Hey, look! Corn!
 Another field of corn
 Hannah and the Mississippi River
 Rebekah and the Mississippi River

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