Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 32 - Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California!

We packed up the car and hit the road this morning, we were in northern Utah in a big city named Brigham City. It was a nice city but we couldn't stay. We have an itch to get home since we don't have any more stops planned along the way. Driving through Utah we saw lots of farm lands and they were surprisingly diverse! We passed the Young Living lavender farms! Beautiful landscape.

We drove through a tip of Arizona into Nevada and straight to Las Vegas! We treated the kids to a buffet at Circus Circus and a short walk on the strip. They were so excited at every turn. They want to come back. Soon. We tried to explain that it was mostly for adults but they didn't care for that answer. They said they'd hang out in the pool and the souvenir shops!

We also decided that we would get all cozy and comfy in the car for another potential 6 hours in the car so that we could get home tonight, so that's what we did! We watched Las Vegas disappear into the night, saw the Welcome to California sign, made one last potty stop in Baker, CA and fell asleep. We drove in at 2:30am and were all asleep, we were all happy to be home in our cozy beds by 3.

Phew! What an awesome trip! We will do another road trip again but for now we are enjoying being home around all of our stuff.

A little rock art outside the hotel this morning, this one is Noah and Rebekahs
 Ben's rock art (Luigi from the Mario Brothers)

Striking a pose with Elvis glasses in Las Vegas

Circus Circus!
Welcome home!!

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