Sunday, July 08, 2012

Day 22 - Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Today is Corey's birthday and he gets to spend it with us at Niagara Falls and in Canada! We are all so excited about crossing the border! We got new passports this year so now we get to use them! Noah is still a little confused to what Canada is and how it fits into the world around him. But he knows, because we keep telling him, that it is another country.

The Falls were beautiful and so powerful! The mist was so thick it seemed like it was raining at times as it was carried with the winds. It was loud too, we could only imagine what it was like for those on the water below. There are boats you could go on if you wanted to get closer, but all I could think about was how wet my camera would get. We walked around, visited the gift shops and went back to the car for a picnic lunch! Corey and I had lobster left over from the 4th celebration so we had our own lobster rolls, yumm!

We passed between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie to get to London, Canada. This is our stop for the night. We stopped early because Corey didn't want to be driving all day on his birthday. We ordered pizza and salads and the kids and I bought him a present and a card earlier in the day (a Niagara Falls souvenir) so we gave that to him too. I found some chocolate chip cookies in the lobby (a treat from the hotel) so we had a little dessert too! Overall, I think he had a nice birthday...even though we spent a nice portion of it in the car.

The view of the mist from the car

American Falls
It's official, we made it!
 At the top of the Falls
 American Falls and Horseshoe Falls
 A pirate ship on the coast!
 I love cattails and they are EVERYWHERE along the highways

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