Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 28 - Cody and Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

We had a nice morning with the Verley family! The kids played and we talked. One of the highlights was Ashtyns John Deere tractor. She zipped around on it really fast. She was having a blast chasing us around the front lawn!

We got to Cody right as the visitor center was closing but the lady let us in and told us that there was a gun fight in front of the Irma Hotel just a few blocks away. So we decided to go to the hotel and watch after we got some dinner. Buffalo Bill Cody was there and some wranglers were causing trouble in the little town shooting up the place, they weren't there to kill anyone but just wanted everyone to know they were there and rob the bank. In the end there was a huge gun fight (which was pretty loud for little ears) and the bank robbers ended up dead on the ground. It was really cool. We got pictures with them and one of them had Ben hold his pistol gun for the picture.

While we were there we shopped a little in the souvenir shops. Rebekah chose a pink glitter baseball cap that she loves to wear backwards like her Uncle Chris! Noah got a skull mood ring (after he saw how cool Hannah's was), Hannah found a magnet for her collection and Ben got a Sheriff badge, so watch out San Diego! There's a sheriff coming to town!

After Cody we headed out of town to Yellowstone National Park. We saw a fox as we were turning into the campground. It had a rodent in its mouth and he wanted to go somewhere to eat it but he was all flustered because he couldn't figure out how to get past our car to cross the road. We are all keeping our eyes open for wildlife. E wise we want to see more! There's elk, bison, moose, deer, squirrels, birds, and so much more to see.

Thank goodness we had reservations (because the campground was full!) because we were getting there so late we ended up putting our tent up in the dark. Thinking about it now though, I have put a tent up and made camp late at night so many times in my life it should be something I'm used to. But I'm not. Also? It was going to pour down rain! Any minute. So we hurried to get the tent fly up too. We aren't allowed to leave anything (like a bare campsite except for a tent) out so everything got thrown into either the car or the tent for the night. We will deal with it all later!

Tomorrow we will take on the park! We hope to get a hike in and some fishing as well as some exploring.

Shell Falls, Bighorn National Forest
 Gunfight show in Cody
 With the bad guys
 With a good guy

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