Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 27 - Wind Cave, SD and Wyoming

Today we drove to Wind Cave National Park. It's a little park near Mt Rushmore and one of the many cave attractions in the area. We took an hour tour of one of the caves and it was beautiful! As we were going down into the cave Rebekah turned and said "Mommy, I've never been inside a cave before!" she was very excited but I think she was getting a little nervous about it as we walked the path. She did great though, there were lots of slippery steps to go down and she walked the whole way! What a trooper! Good thing there was an elevator to take us back up because she did get tired! The kids worked for a little while on their Junior Ranger badge and then we left to head to Wyoming!

As we drove out of the park we ran into a herd of bison, we pulled over of course! They were ranging free just inside the park, one couldn't figure out how to get around the gate and one was trying to knock down a sign. It was awesome! They just walked right past the car, maybe 6 ft from the front door. I had one wish before I left South Dakota and that was to see a bison and here we saw a couple dozen at once! And so close to us, it was like a personal bison show. That's it, I'm ready to go trip is complete ;)

We got to Wyoming and to Annie and Mikes house just in time for dinner (she had it all ready for us!!). We stayed in their camper trailer for the night and it was perfect! Rebekah and Ashtyn played and Ashtyn showed our kids all around her room and shared her toys and princess shoes. She even got dressed up in a princess dress with a tiara, like Rebekah does regularly at home. They are so alike!

As we got settled in for the night, we watched the skies for lightning and counted how far away the storm was (8 miles!).

Being an elk in the visitor center
 Wind Cave NP

 A bison outside my door!!
 The girls watching as the bison walked by...kinda felt like a safari in Africa

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So much fun. Really cool.