Thursday, March 20, 2008


Our plan this morning was to get to the Ahwahnee for breakfast. Surprisingly with our late night last night, we all woke up early enough and we made it just in time, and we hadn’t figured that the shuttle would take so long to pick us up! It was delicious and the kids really watched their manners! We all got the buffet so we had our choice of everything there, the kids stuck to their pancakes and sausage meal. They loved being able to go back for more. And the best part was that Hannah and Noah were free!

After breakfast (which ended up being more like lunch) we walked to the Village to see Clarisa again to say our good-byes. We love seeing Clarisa, dinner was so great last night and the kids will remember it as the night with the glowing balls.

Waiting for the bus
Knitting on the shuttle
The dining room in the Ahwahnee Hotel
Noah (green shirt) walking on the snow with the falls behind him
Us with the best Park Ranger around (that's Clarisa)!

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