Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter! Today was great. The Easter Bunny made it to our house and the kids had lots of little goodies in their baskets to open in the morning. We went to Mass at 9, and while we were there, the Bunny had come and hid the eggs that the kids had dyed yesterday! Wow, what a busy Bunny! They hunted for the eggs and did manage to find all of them. They couldn’t wait for Marissa and Ryan to come over, they pined for them all morning and into the afternoon. They were good helpers and made the backyard presentable for our guests as well as cleared the toys from the floors in the house.

We had an egg hunt that Uncles JP and Chris put together hiding all the eggs very well. We ran after them and helped them find them by letting them know if they were “hot” or “cold”. There are always stray eggs that are found months later, but I think we managed to find them all this time.

First egg hunt

Second egg hunt

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