Thursday, March 06, 2008


Thursdays take us to the park with our playgroup. We love to meet up with them and today was at a park near our house. The kids wanted to bring their bikes and ride around today so we put them in the back of the car. They also brought sand toys and some stuffed animals in slings.

The day was beautiful with just enough breeze to cool us off. At times it was too hot for the sun but there are big trees that we sat under so it was nice. The kids play together nicely and with different kids each time they don’t get bored. With the bikes there they were able to do something different too. Ben found the door to the basketball court and they went riding inside for a while. They invited all the other kids and their Moms to come and sit on the bench courtside and watch them ride. Some kids and Moms went to watch.

Noah gave everyone who wanted one a ride on the back of his “fire truck”. Hannah didn’t want to share her bike. And Ben’s has two wheels and couldn’t share it because everyone else needed training wheels. They rode and rode all over the place, and had so much fun. We stayed at the park with our friends until almost 2! We were all tired from being in the sun and outside all morning, Noah got a nice nap in..but then was up very late tonight.

We look forward to seeing our friends again next week!

Ben riding in with sling on
Noah giving rides on the back of his fire truck
Hannah riding by

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