Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We got on the road a little earlier today. We didn’t have too long to drive but we still stopped for a few things on the way. Our first stop was to Starbucks for coffee and then we needed gas. After that we were on our way, we watched for trains today and spotted a few of them, Noah was infatuated with them. We saw more cows and fields of crops. We spotted a sign for Harris Ranch, we buy their meat sometimes, but never saw the ranch.
We had lunch in Oakhurst, we found a playground, the kids were happy to get out of the car and run around, we were almost to Yosemite.
When we finally made it to the park we checked in to our cabin and noticed a LOT of snow around us, there wasn’t much snow near the Village but near our cabin there was a lot to play on. We had about a hour to wait for our cabin to be ready for us so we went to the store (Noah was still napping) to walk around. I called my friend Clarisa (she’s a park ranger) and we met up with her for dinner. The kids are in heaven and are having a blast here. It’s cold and so different from the city. We plan on going on hikes and playing in the snow. We are glad to be here!

Noah asleep in the car (Half Dome is through the window)
The famous picture spot
In a teepee
Trying out the cardboard we brought from home...it really works!

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