Friday, March 07, 2008


Last school year Ben was in a preschool Sunday school class at our Church. He loved it. The teacher took them on walks all around the grounds of the Church and showed them different things that we usually just walk past on a normal day. Last spring, she showed the class some snapdragons (flowers) that were growing on the side of a path and Ben fell in love with them. He thought they were so cool! He loved that he could pinch their sides and it was like a mouth that opens up. Chomp! Chomp!

A few months later we bought some snapdragon seeds and planted them in a small pot. He cared for the seeds and seedlings. Watered them, re-potted them when they got bigger, and checked on them every so often in between.

Today we noticed that there are flowers on one stalk and so he pinched the sides and it opened like a mouth! He ran in to take me outside to show me. He’s so proud! The plant is pretty big with more flowers on their way. I am sure he can’t wait to see them all flower. Me too.

Go Ben! You’re such a gardener. ☺

Chomp! Chomp!I did it!

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