Monday, March 17, 2008

Road trip...

We are off to Yosemite today. We have been packing up and getting ready for a few days. We finally got on the road around noon. Ben, Hannah and Noah were in the car already waiting for us to go for about 45min. so they were ready to go. We drove for about 20min before we stopped for lunch and then we were really on the road. We drove for a long time and stopped in Tulare for the night. The kids were ready to get out, but we made good headway today. We aren’t ones for pushing through crying and complaining so we make the trip in 2 days.

During the drive we watched the landscape change. We went through the cities, passed the Marine base in Oceanside and even spotted some tanks and helicopters working as we drove by. We drove through the Grapevine and passed trucks carrying various giant things, empty trucks for cows and chickens, bales of hay and so on. We spotted the flat land of the central valley through the mountains as we came out of the mountain and onto the flat farmlands. Strawberry fields, cover crops, nut and other fruit orchards. We saw mostly cow ranches (not many horses, goats or other animals) It was great. And the kids really loved to see everything. The hotel was nice but we can’t wait until we get to our cabin.

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