Thursday, March 20, 2008


During Noah’s nap, Corey took Ben and Hannah to Badger Pass for some tubing in the snow. Ben was excited to finally go to the snow where they can have some fun! There is snow here in the valley but it is dirty and there really isn’t that much to have fun in. Except for the little hills that they rode down on with the cardboard that we brought!

They had a blast! They rented 2 tubes (one for Ben and one for Hannah & Daddy) and started up the hill. They had to walk up the hill and then go down on the tubes. What fun it looks like. They were tired and took a rest with their quiet activities (books, Legos, dolls...) for a while before dinner.

Our plan was to go back to the Ahwahnee for a storytelling by the giant fireplace but we never made it. I think it would have been way too much in a day and besides we still had to find us some dinner! There aren’t very many places around that are open yet (still on a winter schedule until tomorrow) so the choices are limited. We ended up going to the pizza place we went to with Clarisa the other day. The kids didn’t mind and neither did we.

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