Tuesday, March 25, 2008


While I was watching the kids this morning everyone took a little break and we took a little walk down the hill to the avocado trees. It’s always hard to walk down a non-graded hill with 5 kids with the fear that their might be a rattlesnake in the bushes up ahead, or with the stinging nettles that they might trample into unknowingly, or they might slip and roll down the hill. There are many scenarios that go through my head as I am holding one child on my hip (seriously, he won’t go in the Ergo anymore) with another hand grasping another childs hand who is nervous (of falling) to go down by herself. We finally made it to the tree with the giant avocados and Uncle Chris set up the ladder (very creaky and old) against the tree trunk and Ben jumped right on it first. Of course he always has to go first.

The avocados started being picked and tossed to those of us on the ground to put in the bags we brought. Each kid had a chance to climb the ladder and get a couple of big ones. Even Noah and Ryan found some big ones under a low-lying limb. We came home with a big bag of avocados and are excited about eating them. They are all very hard and we need to wait until they ripen, so we’ll wait. ☺

Cousins sharing hummus and crackers
The troops are going in
Hannah's turn
Ryan loves this spot

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