Saturday, March 08, 2008

It's loose...

Last night I decided to make sure that the kids were really brushing their teeth in the bathroom. I thought that maybe they weren't doing such a great job, or that they needed a little lesson on it again and I felt the need to check on them. From the last dental visit we learned that Ben has a small cavity and we are really trying to work on it. We bought some special toothpaste, more floss and some rinse. We'll see how we do caring for it before we get the cavity filled. After tutoring him on brushing well again, it was Hannah's turn.

She got her brush out and brushed her teeth, doing a fine job. Then it was time for floss. Some of her teeth are quite tight & close to each other and we had a hard time getting the floss in between them, but we managed. When we got to the front teeth I was a little surprised when one of her teeth (bottom front middle right) was loose! It wiggled as I put the floss between her teeth. She didn't feel it at first. She is so excited about having a loose tooth! Ever since Ben lost his first tooth (at 5 1/2y), she has pretended that she lost one too.

I'm glad I went in to check on their dental hygiene abilities last night, I don't know when we would've discovered the loose tooth if I hadn't! Tooth fairy will be visiting our house again soon!

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