Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Play date...

We met our friends at the park today. We were there for almost 3 hours together! The weather was beautiful and we (moms) had fun talking. The kids are getting to know each other too. They aren’t as awkward with each other anymore. They ran and played together, chased squirrels, found sticks and treasures, shook the seed pods off of the sycamore trees, blew bubbles, dug in the sand, ran and ran and ran. They were tired out when we got home.

We brought a big party bowl full of popcorn today and the kids stood around it eating and talking. They would run off and play with each other and then come and grab another handful. They finished it off pretty quickly…there were 6 kids.

At one point they were sitting together at a picnic table, snacking on a giant bag of goldfish (the park is all about the snacks we bring). Ben decided to make a picture with the goldfish that he had. It started out like an Escher drawing where they connected in all ways and there was no end, but then it morphed into a ship with an anchor, a sail and some fish in the water. Pretty cool.

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