Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Tonight when the kids got home, they brought me dinner. It was after my class and I was starving. I was looking forward to the side of fries after my sandwich. Noah and Hannah climbed on the table to watch me. Noah got the giggles and when I asked him “what are you laughing about” he replied with “nothing”. So I just went on eating my sandwich. He started to giggle again and so I asked him again what he was laughing about and I got the same answer, “nothing”. But I could tell that he was up to something, but I just didn’t know what. Then all of a sudden he started to try to control his giggle and slowly moved his hand toward my food. He quickly reached out and swiped a handful of fries and stuffed them into his mouth as quickly as he could. All the while, he was out of control with laughter. Silly kid had planned it all along and was successful at being sneaky about it.

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