Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pooh sitcks...

First full day in Yosemite and it was awesome! We slept in until almost 9am! That is unheard of at our house but here the windows are blackened-out with dark curtains and it isn’t too bright in the valley until later. Anyway after a quick breakfast in the cabin we headed to the bus stop. This was Noah’s highlight. He jumped up and down each time we mentioned taking the bus. We took it to Happy Isles for a short hike since we were already running out of daytime! It was the perfect length for today, the kids were picking up sticks and leaves, and climbing on the snow that was on the side of the trail. We followed the Merced River up a bit, crossed it a couple times over the bridges and then got an idea. We’d play “Pooh sticks” like on one of their favorite TV shows (Adventures of Tigger and Pooh). We gathered a bunch of sticks of all shapes and sizes, went to a bridge, pickes one stick out and dropped it in the water, then we ran to the other side of the bridge and waited and watched for it to float under us. Some were slow and some were super fast depending on the size of the stick and the speed of the current. Luckily we saw all of the sticks come out on the other side and later we even found some of them in calmer water downstream! Pooh sticks was Ben and Hannah’s highlight of the day, they loved it.

El Capitan
Looking out the window of the cabin in the morning
Couldn't wait to get outside
Noah on the bus
By the river
Playing "Pooh Sitcks"

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