Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New park...

We went to a new park today in hopes of meeting up with some other unschoolers. We missed them because they got to the park as we were leaving but the park was fabulous. It was cool enough for the sunny weather because it was right next to the bay. There was a big open space for ball playing or Frisbee throwing and there was a walkway around for bike riding. Ben and Hannah and Noah ran to it and went right to playing. They had such a great time on the dizzy-ing twirly thing (see pictures) and I had fun taking their picture. I got some good ones while they were in motion.

We left our park toys in the car because we didn’t know where the playground was in relation to where we parked the car. It didn’t matter though, the kids always find something fun to do at the park. They come up with their own games, everyone joins in and seems to know how to play and what is going on. And on days like today, we didn’t need toys. That is the magic of being a kid.

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