Monday, March 10, 2008

Zoo class...

About a month ago, I signed us up for a class at the zoo today. We learned about the felines (cats) and walked around with a big group of other homeschoolers. After waiting almost an hour for the leader to get into the zoo (we are members) we were on our way. We visited the serval in the childrens’ zoo. He was sleeping in the back of his cage so we couldn’t get a good look at him. Even with the binoculars that they provided it wasn’t a good view. We went to find the tiger next, but the best part was walking down tiger river, past the fishing cat (not on display), the turtles, and the birds, to the tiger. We wanted to stop and look at all the animals in between but had to hurry to catch up with the class. Then we walked back up to the entrance and over to bear canyon (yes, bear canyon) to find the lions. This is where the tour/class ended and I decided that we wouldn’t take another class at the zoo. We have been so many times, we have our favorite spots to go, we have our favorite animals to see and we felt stuck today. They wanted to go on the skyfari, to see the pandas, the koalas, the polar bears, but we couldn’t and they understood. But that didn’t mean that they were happy about it. So in an effort to end on a happy note (not that the whole class was bad, it really was good) we ate lunch together near the elephants, like we always do, before we headed home. Until next time zoo! We’ll stay longer and saunter like we always do.
Famous flamingos
Noah walking with the binoculars (like his pj's? yes he wore them to the zoo)
Ben (red backpack) checking out the serval
Noah trying to join the echinda

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