Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today was our weekly playgroup. Since it has been a beautiful week I decided to pack up and get to the park early and stay late. We brought the kids bikes, lots of balls, lots of food and snacks and we were ready to stay a long time. Marissa, Ryan and Heather were going to join us too and when they got there I hardly saw my kids. There were so many Moms with their kids at the park that we hadn’t seen in a long time, I was tickled to see so many of our friends out! The kids played together nicely, they had made teams of one older kid paired with a couple of little kids. They played hide-and-seek together, played ‘house’ with all the ‘babies’ and ran around after each other. One Mom brought a parachute to play with and that attracted the kids for a while too. The kids were so busy that I could barely keep up! It was a nice day at the park, we look forward to next week!

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