Friday, March 21, 2008

My walk & the Falls...

Ben started to whisper to himself early this morning and woke me up. I couldn’t stay in bed anymore (not that comfortable) so I got dressed and went for a walk. It was about 7:30 and everyone else was still sleeping. Ben didn’t want to join me.

I used to work in Yosemite about 17 years ago, and in Curry Village where we were staying. I walked around my old ‘stomping grounds’. I found my old cabin where I lived with my roomie, Clarisa, and I even found the cabin that housed 4 of us for the first week, before they knew where to put us, new employees. I had 3 roommates for the first week that I was there and we are all pretty close still ☺. I took pictures to show everyone. It was cold and all of the puddles in the streets and on the trails were frozen. I thought I’d walk across the meadow but as I got halfway across I heard construction trucks and could tell that they were working on something over there, so I started to turn around. But as I did I spotted a coyote in the meadow. It saw me and started to move away (I know this because every time I moved it moved farther away). I managed to get a picture of it, not clear but he’s definitely in there.

When I returned to the cabin all the kids were up and playing around. Time to pack up!

A frozen puddle

After breakfast at the Lodge Cafeteria we decided to do a little hike with the kids to see the Falls. We decided last night that we were going to try to drive all the way home so we would be in the car all day and into the night. A walk this morning would be nice since we were going to be stuck in a car all day. We all barely made it to see the Falls, Noah was getting tired and did not want to walk, but he also didn’t want to be carried. He was very happy playing in the dirt right where he was. Ben and Hannah ran all the way to the base of the Falls where we sat on rocks and watched the waterfall. None of us wanted to leave, the kids were having fun rock hopping and being kids playing with sticks. But we had to get on the road, Noah was getting tired and we were trying to drive all the way home (about 9 hours) today. On our way back to the car, Ben and Hannah played hide-and-seek with us. As we came down the trail they would jump out from behind trees and bushes scaring us and then running to hide again. Ben found a couple of boulders to climb. He actually was able to rock climb them and slide down a couple of them. Clarisa might be right, he might be a rock climber when he gets older. There were snow patches all over the place and Noah loved walking in the snow.

We headed to the car and started our long drive home. But before we left the view of the Valley we stopped and took a family picture…and this time, Noah was awake!

Running to the Falls

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